Relax In the Mountains

Before the upcoming weekend, which starts this afternoon, I feel like I have to show you what I did last weekend. It was a wonderful long weekend of knitting outdoors, climbing and relaxing....

We brought chairs to a little cave at Narrow Neck. This spot is a hidden gem off of a very faint climber's access trail. Check out the approach to Cave Climb. While you're at it, do the climb. It's a fantastic beginners trad route.

John rocked this 22 called Glue Tube Sensation at Little River. I followed it, though I fell once or twice getting past that rooflet (at John's feet). I highly recommend it and the area in general. We didn't see another person all day.

I finished one of my projects! Just in time for summer. I haven't worn my down coat or the cowl since I took this picture. If you need a quick project and a warm neck, Ziyal is a good option.