Finding Color

I was told throughout college that I needed to visit another landscape before I could call myself a landscape painter. 'You have to leave so that you can choose your color palette. Right now, this is all you know.' they said.

I love the colors of North American Forests. Nothing can compare to the greys and greens of winter there or the granite of Yosemite.

Then again... The Australian landscape has added richness and warmth to those cool winter greens. Oil painting may not be my focus at the moment, but I mix colors just the same when I dye yarn. I didn't know what I was missing until I moved around the world.

The dyes I use are comprised of 9 colors, two blues, two reds, yellow, purple, orange and black. Some companies offer upwards of 30 pigments! I love Greener Shades dyes. Not only are they the least impactful pigments I have found with regard to their waste, but the limited range of starting colors means I get to play as I create each dye bath.

Take a look at some of these colorways from yesterday's dye batch.

The difference is subtle, but intense. Does that even make sense? I am pretty lucky to live in a place so different from where I grew up. I don't think I could have created these if I didn't live in Australia! It only took 5 years. :-)