Spinning and Knitting and Climbing Update

I have so many new things that I want to share here. The time it required to shoot and edit photographs takes me away from making things. I do want to share my adventures and connect with people... but I also want to keep playing!

For now, here are a couple of finished projects. Do you hear that? I'm finishing things! This is rare people.


I finally finished the Maeve bolero/cardigan. It is very snuggly. This pattern was desperately monotonous to make. Aside from increases, it was plain knitting. If you're looking for a low-fuss pattern, this may be for you. The result has wonderful drape and sits perfect on my shoulders. This concerned me initially because there isn't any shoulder shaping. Those concerns vanished as soon as I tried the sweater on. I'm really happy with the result. It shouldn't have taken me so long to complete. However, I love the challenge of figuring out a pattern. Once I feel like I've wrapped my brain around how it works, I really struggle to finish the project. This was one of those for me. In the future, I really need to remember that sometimes (!) it's about the finished product less than the process.


I bought a spinning wheel! A friend had let me borrow her spare wheel for the past ~8 months. I can't believe she let me have it for so long. Thanks Helen! Last week she finally asked for the wheel back. Of course this happened two days after I got a large package of wool to spin! So I acted as any rational person would do... the rational person that is beginning to twitch from not spinning for two days... I found a used wheel online and bought it four days later! Say hello to my little kiwi.

This is a great beginner wheel. I absolutely love it! It even has an engraving of a kiwi on the right foot pedal (not the fruit or the people).

So... Take a look at my recent hand spun yarn! The blue is 100% merino (20.7 micron) from Kathy's Fibres online shop. The grey is naturally colored Corriedale from Karoa Fibres.

I can't decide if I want to knit these or sell them. They are 8ply/DK weight, 100g of the blue and 50g of the grey. I have another 150g of the grey waiting to be spun. If by chance I knit them up... Liguria is the pattern I would choose. I think it would highlight the blues and greens without the color jumbling that usually happens with variegated yarn. The brioche and grey contrast would minimize that. What do I do?


I don't spend all of my time inside tinkering. My weekend days have been full of climbing. One by one I've been ticking off projects at Mt Piddington. I've now led the Eternity, Pharaoh, Carthaginian, Tombstone Wall, Rogue Cop (or something like it), Flake Crack, among other easier routes. I got up On Edge on top rope this past weekend. Hopefully next weekend I will give it a go on lead. I'm also really keen to try The Janicepts... on top rope. Let's not get crazy. I need to get just a bit (emphasis on a bit) better before I'm in the head space to lead that one.

Anyways, most weekend days you'll find me at Piddo. It's a good thing John is similarly obsessed. I don't even think we ask each other where we are headed anymore. We rack up and pack our bags knowing it's going to be a day of trad climbing at Piddo. I love it!... and him!

Coincidentally, this is not a picture of Mt Piddington. This was taken at New York on The Big Corner. It's the most recent photo I have of me trad climbing... so yea. I still love Piddo!

This is better. Here is a picture of John taping his hands to lead Amen Corner and The Janicepts at Piddo.

Until Next Time...

I have so many more things to share. New paintings, upcoming markets, product reviews... I'll save that for the next post. Have a good week y'all!