Finished Sweater Alert

Have I told you that I finished my Zig Zag sweater? It's actually called the Maijapaita Pullover, but I have no idea how to pronounce that hence the zig zag.

I'm pretty excited about it. It's finished right in time for summer! Oops. Luckily today's winds are supposed to be blowing at 35 km/h and the temperature high is 9C. The yarn is Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool. It's definitely too scratchy to be a next to skin garment. It's very different than any of my other sweaters. The yarn has left a halo of fibers sticking out here and there. They add a bit of character to it, which I enjoy.

The cable at the yoke was particularly tricky for me to follow. I don't recommend putting this project aside for a week or two and then attempting to read your own scribbles to remember what row you left off on. Get to the point of working in the round quickly. Once there, it's very easy to see what row is next. Alternatively, use locking stitch markers on previous rows to help keep track. A few false starts almost made me give up. I'm glad that I persevered though. The majority of the sweater was easy and fast to work on.

Now, what kind of obsessive maker would I be if I didn't immediately cast on another project when I finished this one? Don't you dare say a responsible one! ...please...for my sanity's sake... I've started making Kira the kangaroo. Don't ask me who it's for... Lydia Tresselt's stuffed animals are so different and adorable! I have to make at least one. Check her out if you don't know of her work. The animals seriously quirky and awesome.

Image credit: Lydia Tresselt

Image credit: Lydia Tresselt

I need to get on my bike and shiver off to the yarn shop for work. Have a good Thursday evening / Friday depending on where you call home. Cheers!