Knitting In Progress Update

Most of my friends are talking about the warm weather that has finally reached North America. In my house, we have given into using our little gas heater at night and hanging out in our down coats. The weather in my neck of the woods is everyone's favorite knitting/crocheting weather. 

I am desperately trying to finish a few old projects and drooling over a few new ones.

Color Affection

Before I go into detail about those, take a look at the Color Affection Shawl that I just finished. Remember how my brother got me some awesome Madelinetosh yarn for my birthday? Well here is the finished product! 

This shawl has immediately become a staple in my wardrobe. Thanks again Big Bro!

Zig Zag

Now onto the 'I really need to finish these' projects...

My Zig Zag sweater or the Maijapaita is so close to being done. I am working both arms at once. This is a new method for me because I usually put off the second sleeve for a long time after I've finished the first one. Come on, I want to wear you soon!


Maeve is an interesting pattern. The body is worked from sleeve cuff across to sleeve cuff all in one piece. The outer band is picked up and worked in the round from there. The band is laborious to say the least! It is looking so good though. One reason I love knitting is because the patterns begin as a puzzle that my brain works out as I go. Once I have figured out the schematic of how it all will look in the end (this usually comes by the second sleeve or the edging), I get bored with the pattern and want to move on to the next thing. This is not one of my better characteristics. I promise I will get back to this pattern soon. The thing is, my next work in progress is my absolute favorite right now...

New Projects...

Urban Mandarin

Sorry for the poor photo. I have been working on my Urban Mandarin one while I'm in the car. Seriously though, I'm drooling as I think about it. This is my first fair isle sweater. I am not 100% satisfied with my tension, but it's my first try. I am using Manos del Uruguay Fino. More updates will come soon. I am about half way done with the body. This photo is a bit old. 


I bought the yarn at my shops sale this past week for the Golfjes skirt. I said I wouldn't buy it until I finished one of the other sweaters... I am so weak! This is my first skirt. Hopefully mine will look more like Vanek's Golfjes than the sample. I will share a picture when I cast on... After I finish the Zig Zag (Maijapaita) Sweater! 

That's all folks. Happy Crafting!

So, what are you working on? Tag me in your Instagram ( @handmadetravels ) photos, on Twitter ( @seecolor ), or mention me in posts. I would love to see your work1