Camera on Manual

When I go out to an awesome place, I need to remember to change my camera settings.

This weekend John and I went sea cliff climbing at Point Perpendicular. It's a fantastic place to climb. The vistas are so rich and colorful. Of course, silly me got excited about these small little plants. I changed my camera settings to maximize my little guys macro settings. Only I forgot to change my settings back when I began climbing.

Oops! Well, at least one good photo came out of the weekend.

They're quirky little trees! This one is about 2" or 5ish cm tall.

Climbing Notes

I guess you will have to imagine the ocean blues against almost burgundy rocks with seals laying in the surf as I suffer through an awesome steep crimp fest. I was crushed by Rex Hunt's Love Child, though it was a blast to try. It is a grade 21, (yea right!). Superliner is a crag classic at grade 19. Climbing at Point Perpendicular is a must!