Not Enough Time

Housework, gardening, projects on the back burner... all things that keep me home on my days off. These things stop my from going on big adventures by myself. I do like the company of being with John and other people. I'm always a bit disappointed when the day ends and I haven't left our neighborhood. P.S. The trail around our house doesn't count. I might as well be in the cul-de-sac given how often I run that trail.

This week I had enough. There were a ton of things to do around the house, but there are also a bunch of hikes that I want to do. I need to remember, there will always be more homework!! It's time to get outside. Hiking alone is rejuvenating. It's peaceful; and it helps me get through the week in one piece.

My favorite part about solo hikes is that I pick the pace! This means as many photo/drawing stops as I want.

On Monday, I hiked the trail that was my first adventure in the Blue Mountains back in 2012. Beginning at the Three Sisters, or Echo Point in Katoomba, I walked down the Giant Staircase and then hiked back up the Furber Steps.

It was a wonderful, albeit foggy and rainy day with minimal tourists. The loop took me about an hour and forty-five minutes. The guide book says this loop takes 4-5 hours to do this 5.8 km circuit with 689m of elevation gain. Perhaps it takes this long if you have three little kids in tow? To be fair, I was going quite fast. Even on a slow day I can't see this taking more than 3 hours.

Until Next time...

Speaking of always having things on the back burner.... This has been a month of finishing projects. More on the climbing, knitting and painting to come. Feast your eyes on this in the meantime. Isn't this adorable?