Awesome Family

I have to tell you about my cool family.

Today, my niece and I finished her first hat!! We've been doing Skype knitting lessons for about a month now. It's taken so long because she's a busy 11 year old and I have this silly thing called work. Regardless, she successfully knit a hat in the round, decreased stitches, picked up just a few dropped stitches, and switched to double pointed needles near the end. I'm a proud aunt!! Not to mention, I'm crazy lucky that she still likes to do the virtual hang out thing.

Way to go squirt!

Thanks for taking the photo and running around to buy supplies Sis!

Thanks for taking the photo and running around to buy supplies Sis!

We finished the hat this morning. I ran out to do a few errands. When I came home, I had a belated birthday package waiting for me. My brother went all over Omaha looking for yarn for me. He hit the jackpot sending me some Madelinetosh Pashmina! This is seriously my favorite yarn. It also happens to be nearly impossible to find in Aussieland.

Big brother score! What am I going to get you for your birthday?

He said, "When I told her that you lived in Australia, know someone who has Alpacas, & were learning how to spin your own yarn, I think I out-hipstered her." I love it! Apparently, I'm a hipster. I guess I better get some tattoos. Whatever I am, I have a great family.

P.S. I already know what I am going to make... Color Affection by Veera Valimaki