One Skein Worries No More

We all have a yarn hall of fame. Or is that just me? These are the fabulous yarns that I couldn't live without. I got them off Etsy or last years Wool Show at Bendigo. They were made in small batches. No matter how perfect that skein might be for a specific project requiring three more skeins... there is no hope of getting more. No matter how many times I email the maker, they cannot do it. They feel bad, I am sad, and so the yarn continues to sit there taunting me on the shelf.

I hope that won't happen to the yarn you buy from me! I want you to use it. If you don't, give it back to me and I will make you something out of it! Perhaps not. Still, I want you to enjoy it as something you made.

With the holidays coming and a market on the horizon, here are some things you could do with my yarns.

"I Can Only Afford One Skein of This"

I get it. Locally produced and hand made products are expensive. That's the life of paying fair wages and responsible sourcing. Enough about that though. You want one skein? Great. How many projects can come from one skein of yarn? Certainly not a sweater.... Consider these options.

Make a Small Project

Hats, gloves, socks, even some shawlettes only require one skein of yarn. Baby clothes are always a winner, they're so little! However, I recommend thinking hard before making a delicate item for a puking & pooping little one. No matter how cute they are, this probably won't be machine washable.

1: Tofino Cowl by Katherine Leek 2: My Entrechat; pattern by Lisa Chemery 3: Simple Autumn Mittens by Halldora J 4: Itty Bitty Bear Cubs by Carolyn Ingram 5: My Milanese Lace Topper by Tante Ehm 6: Hermione's Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder 7: Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly can Neikerk

Add a Bit of Color

Do you love larger projects? Perhaps you think that lovely yarn deserves to be more than just hats and socks. Don't worry, I get it. How about adding a bit of color to a larger or more interesting stitch pattern. Check these out.

1: Hudson by Shannon Cook 2: Follow Your Dreams by Vinene Sestry 3: Pente by Carol Feller 4: My Spectra pattern by Stephen West 5: Akebia by Kate Gilbert 6: Solaris by Melanie Berg 7: Liguria by Katrin Schubert 8: Peanut by tincanknits 9: Imbue by Lisa Mutch 10: Clayoquot by tincanknits 11: Fleur de Love by Sarah Burghardt

To those thinking this is a great option, BE CAREFUL! Matching gauge won't be crucial for patterns like Solaris, Hudson and Fluer de Love. The others however, require very careful gauge matching. This won't be difficult with commercially spun yarns, for example most of my hand dyed. However, hand spun yarn is trickier, not impossible, to match exact gauge to another yarn. If you are having trouble, email me! I love figuring out the math behind getting yarn to suit the pattern. Truth be told, I don't love it, nobody loves that. I DO love helping you get what you want!

Research Ahead of Time

The final option is do your research ahead of time.... or in the shop/stall while you are clutching onto that yarn for dear life. I've done it! No one else may even look at this yarn while I troll Ravelry to find a perfect pattern. I haven't gone to the length of laying on a shelf so as to protect a whole area of yarn, but don't underestimate me! I have many years ahead of me.

So hop onto Ravelry. Ask to borrow my phone at the upcoming market if you don't have internet access. Find what you want to make. I will even give you a high five if you come to me with a pattern and say, "I want to make this with your yarn. Help me find the right weight/yardage/color." If I don't have it at the moment, I will work with you to make something just for you!

Buy Responsibly

Come down the rabbit hole with me for a minute. I started knitting because I couldn't find things I liked in stores. I also need to constantly make things to stay sane, minor detail. This taught me to care about where things are produced. A sweater might take 40 hours for me to complete; that's between $330 (Illinois, USA) - $675 (Australia) worth of minimum wage time. Granted that's a complicated sweater if it takes 40 hours. Then I think, how much time did it take to make that yarn? Where did that yarn travel before it got to me? Did it take 3 trips across the Pacific before it arrived at my doorstep? What is my ecological and ethical footprint of getting inexpensive, albeit quality, yarns manufactured in China?

If you are curious about my yarns origin story, ask me. I will tell you everything about where each skein was made, how the animals were treated, why I bought it and more. If you have the means to buy large quantities from small retailers, you generally won't be disappointed. Ask before you buy. Give the causes you care about a voice. Do you want locally made and produced yarn? Do you care about mulesing and animal welfare?

Informed consumers drive the market. Send emails to retailers. I sure do.

Shop Update

New yarns have just been added to my Etsy shop....


Don't Forget The Market