Etsy Market Extroadinaire

Wow! Just wow! Yesterday I participated in my first local market as a seller. A few women from the Blue Mountains organised an Etsy Make Local Market for our area. These are events that happen on the same day all around Australia. As an Etsy seller specializing in handdyed and handspun yarn I was eligible to participate in the market nearest me, the Blue Mountains. Our organisers, Nisa, Caroline and Jenny did a fabulous job.

The Norman Lindsay Gallery was kind enough to host the event. Every one of my visitors complimented the layout of the space. It was very open, which invited people to sit on the grass and enjoy their day. I had quite a few people come back through my stall after they had lunch. The space created an atmosphere for an afternoon out rather than just a quick wander through the market. 

The previous photos were taken before the day began. Trust me, people came. Apparently, there were around 4,000 visitors! I'm not sure how visitors were tracked, but one of the organisers said that's how many total people came to the market.

As a first time stallholder (in Australia), I couldn't be happier. Leading up to the event, a Facebook group and decorating night revealed a supportive network of crafters. A lot of the stall holders helped each other navigate credit card readers, stall set up, and other logistics. I think I may have found a few more friends. Thanks everyone. I hope you had a great day too.

My experience as a business went really well too. I may have come home with a lot of yarn, (who could be sad about that?) but the load was significantly lighter. I hope everyone enjoys their yarn, bowls, bags and other things they bought from me.

I connected with fellow crafters and chatted a lot about the production story of yarn. I am working towards a supply of yarn that is solely produced in Australia under humane conditions with minimal carbon footprint. Some of my yarn already falls under this category; it's a work in progress. Thank you for taking the journey with me.

At the end of the day, I want to help my customer's get a product they are excited to use and eventually wear. If you want something special, or have your own fleece / yarn that you want me to dye for you, get in touch. I would love nothing more than to work with you to create yarn especially for your project!

Get What You Want

My FIBER page located under the PROJECTS tab, will give you an idea of the things I am driven to make. Feel free to email me if you would like a garment made to fit your body. My Etsy shop has ready-made and made-to-order items, but please don't hesitate to contact me for a custom order.

Thank You A Million Times

Thanks to my husband. John was with me the whole day. From setting up to taking sales and colour recommendations, he did it all! I couldn't have had a successful day without you. You will make a fantastic business partner ;-). Thank you also to my friends who lent me tables and branches. That means you Danielle and Jillian, thank you for being wonderfully giving friends. Thanks to my fellow stall holders who answered tons of questions from the novice American stallholder. Finally, thank you one more time to the organisers, Nisa, Jenny and Caroline. Yesterday blew my expectations out of the water! What a fantastic market. I look forward to the next one!

Cheers, Carrie

P.S. If you bought things from me, I would love to see how they fit into your life. Share your story with me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.