So Many Projects So Little Time

Things are wonderful...and busy over here. I'm sorry for not having posted in two months. Gosh has it really been that long?

Did I tell you that I got married over the holidays?

Photo by Mike Drake

Photo by Mike Drake

Of course not. I like to keep some things to myself. My fiance and I went to the states for the holidays to spend a long overdue trip with family. We heard that all of our siblings would be in town. This is a rare occurrence in my family. Our sisters with kids switch off the holidays with in-laws. Our scientist siblings travel all over the world for research, and as you know, John and I live in Australia.

So, we decided this was the perfect time to get hitched! My partner and I have been committed to each other for years. Moving across the states and then the world together. However, we struggled to find a time to celebrate with our families. In December, we were able to make it happen. It was one of the most spectacular days of my life!

I'm sorry, this is a climbing and art blog. Let's get back on track. Sadly, climbing was not involved in our wedding. We couldn't get married / climb in Yosemite in December and expect our families to come. We did, however, try to incorporate locally and hand made products wherever possible. Here are a few of the details.

I made our invitations. The main invite is grey with a green cardstock backing with a texture resembling bamboo shoots. Zapfino and Abadi Condensed Light are the fonts.

Photo by:  Nicole Haley

Photo by: Nicole Haley

Lorgie, over on etsy, made our guest book. It is made out of Tasmanian Oak with 110gsm white paper. We made it into a combined guest book and photo album. I love it!

I made three little sweaters for my niece's to wear at the wedding. They are 11, 7 and 5. It was tricky to find a pattern that could span the children's sizing and the tween. In the end, the Madame Entrechat and Entrechat by Lisa Chemery were perfect!

Photo by  Nicole Haley

Photo by Nicole Haley

My wedding shawl was a very special component of my outfit. I was intent that everything I wore was not going to be ivory or white. I like colors. My mother helped me pick our the color range, it had to be somewhere between green and blue. The yarn is Fiberstory One Silky, made in Michigan. My mother-in-law worked hard with her local yarn store, Skeins on Main, to get it for me. It was shipped out in early October. This gave me a little under two months to demystify the Moon & Stars pattern by Shui Kuen Kozinski.

My shawl embodied everything important to John and I for our wedding day. Both of our mothers helped, the yarn was locally made (to our hometown), I made it and it added a bit of color and warmth. I was very grateful to have so many handmade things make it into our wedding.

Photo by  Nicole Haley

Photo by Nicole Haley

A warm thanks to everyone who helped make our wedding such a spectacular day! John and I spent a wonderful month in the midwest celebrating with our extended family. It was a really great trip home even if we did spend minimal time outside.

Photography: Nicole Haley

Venue: Matthaei Botanical Gardens at the University of Michigan

Flowers: Red Poppy Floral

Dinner: Aventura