Rain and Yarn

I love rain! When it's sunny out, I feel guilty for wanting to stay inside and snuggle up with a good knitting project. When it's raining, however..... The climbing gear stays in the cabinet, guilt free.

Today was a lovely day full of mist fog and the very occasional spot of sunshine. The rain coincided perfectly with my workshop I was leading at the local knitting shop. Four fabulous ladies drove up from around Sydney to learn Entrelac. 

Entrelac is a type of knitting that results in a fabric with a woven appearance. I first learned to knit four years ago just so I could eventually make something using this technique. It was obsession at first sight, and today I was able to share that skill with other crafters. 

Thank you for your generosity ladies. I can't wait to see your finished scarves!

If you're interested in learning Entrelac, I will be offering a few more workshops in the coming months at the Granny Square in Katoomba. Sign up at the shop or online here.

Very occasionally knitting and climbing do go together! It's like the ghostbusters crossing the streams though, do it with caution. Total protonic reversal.

Hopefully it will be sunny by Friday and we can get back on the rock.