Somewhere To Start

Dear Reader,

Beginnings are my nemesis. Ideas and interests flow though me like water coming down a raging waterfall. However, undertaking the process to actualize those ideas is daunting. What if I can’t do it? What if no one responds to my work? What if it sucks?

The only question that I need to remember to ask is, ‘Who cares?’ No one. Who am I to deny myself the experience of trying something new? I love change. The first step of a journey is just incredibly scary. That commitment means I may have to accept the possibility of failure.

This blog has been an idea on the back burner for a long time. The outdoors is where I feel most at home. I make things with my hands. Working with kids gives me indescribable joy. I struggle to be an environmentally engaged person. I live 9,238 miles from where I grew up. My only goal is to share the things that resonate with my lifestyle. Enjoy!

All the best,